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A passionated team

Equestrians with a passion for the sport. Nicole Mestrom and Niels Knape live fulltime with their horses.

Nicole Mestrom

I was born May 2, 1992 in Swalmen. I was a fanatic rider in my pony time. Only aged 3 years old I got my first pony and when I was 6 years old I jumped my first competition.

I got to ride a lot of pony’s as they got sold regulary. My father bought them young and was always quick to sell them as well.

Until my 20th I combined my horses with an education, but made the jump and went all the way for  horses. First I worked a year at my parents’ stables but decided to take over the business. In 2017 Niels joined and we have created KM Stables.

Niels Knape

I was born August 8, 1995 in Dordrecht. I started riding at my 7-years-old. Aged 12-years-old I focused on the eventing sport and managed to compete at the European Championships. After my focus went to showjumping and I’m happy to have competed at the Europeans for this discipline as well, jumping to the individual bronze medal.

At my 15-years-old I jumped my first Dutch Championships with horses and placed Silver with the junior riders. As a young rider I jumped bronze and competed twice at the European Championships.

When I completed the masterclass in Deurne in 2013 I worked one year from home and after started in 2014 at Stal Hendrix. After three years of experience I started my own adventure with Nicole.

What we do


Niels is a graduated teacher.

Competitions and training

We have experience training and competing horses for clients. We compete at national and international levels with experiences up to 1.55m.


The horses we have at our stable are usually for sale. Our goal is to make the ‘shoe fit’. The right horse with the right rider. You can always contact us. if you are looking for a horse or want to sell yours.

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